Pakistani potatoes 2016 season has begun little early this year. Size of the crop is goodagricorpjute and the quality is better than last year as the growers have done a lot of effort to improve quality aspect. Few weeks of unwashed potatoes are now coming to an end as the skin is now firm and can withstand machine wash.

Huge in demand, packed in jute bags in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar, nearly each and have market consuming these low sugar high protein potatoes from Pakistan

Agricorp table baking potatoes are getting very popular among our consumers. Our statistics show that comparing last years volume, demand from superstores and fruit & Agricorpvegetable dealers have increased in our white mesh bags for top quality table potatoes. We ensure high quality, low sugar spunta potatoes are supplies to meet the taste and demand of our valued customers in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bags

Agricorp yellow mesh bag wholesale supplies are always on top. Be it coroda, spunta, sante, daimonte, lady rosette or ayesterix, when it comes to table potato, agricorp always takes the lead.agricorpyellow

Our shipment method:

20′ one door open for less transit destinations such as Colombo, Malaysia and 40′ high cube reefers for relative farther destinations for the rest of the world.

We claim to be top potato growers and exporters from Pakistan.




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