Pakistani Mango kicks off tomorrow

Pakistani Mango Export Kicks Off on 20th May 2015

H.S. Group un the brand name of Agricorp is all set to kick off for agricorptheir first export of Mango in this season.

Here are the types which will be exported and the timelines:-


Mango – the King of fruit grown and selected over generations for flavor and aroma, using the techniques unadulterated by the demand of mass market. Add in the unique soil, sweltering hot weather, monsoon rains and traditional methods of cultivation; The sum of all that is what you taste in each and every one of our fruits.

Anwar Ratol

Anwar Ratol is small in size with yellow tinge on the outer shell. Inside, it’s the color of goldwith a firm texture and non-fibrous pulp. It packs a huge amount of flavor and is just the right kind of sweet, making it impossible not to devour in huge numbers.

Avg. Weight: 180 g
Availability: June to September


The crowd-pleasure of the family. Chaunsa is unique due to its amber color and curvy shape. The fruit’s light, firm and has fibrous pulp. Chaunsa’s sweet flavour becomes delight

Avg. Weight: 350 g
Availability: June to October


Those who like their fruit ultra-sweet swear by it. Langra is thin with a green outer shell that starts to turn yellow when the fruit is ripe. Is is a nature’s gift  for fruit loves.

Avg. Weight: 250 g
Availability: May to July


Coming from Ancient Sindh farms, Sindhri mangoes Simple, earthly and full of vigor, these mangoes are the true mouth teasing fibre less mangoes

Avg. Weight: 200 g
Availability: May to July


Dusheri was first cultivated in the gardens of the Nawab of Lucknow. With its bright sunny skin and its rich, juicy pulp, we totally understand why the Nawab chose to develop this cultivar. A true royal among the most royal of fruits!

Avg. Weight: 190 g
Availability: June to August

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