Pakistani Fruits & Vegetables

How to Import Pakistani Mangoes, Oranges, Fruits & Vegetables

The World is an open forum for trading, however, many importing countries are not clear as to what best way forward for importing quality Pakistani Fruits & Vegetables.

There have been so much heard and said about quality of Pakistan’s mango worldwide but when it comes to meeting food safety andagricorp mango quality standards, Pakistan has certainly lacked to resolve as a result faces difficulty in exporting despite of being ‘ The only country growing best quality mangoes’

In the recent past, Indian mango was banned for import in European market due to poor pesticides. Pakistan has simultenously worked to address these issues as a result gets tremendous access in the European and Australian markets for mango exports.

Not on the larger scale yet, but certainly in the making, number of reputed companies in Pakistan have come up with state of the art Hot Water Treatment plants for mangoes, Agricorp being one of those.

With the decision to ban export of mangoes in wooden cases, not only that the value of mango will drastically increase but also will add value to this king of fruits.

At H.S. Agro, they provide superficial quality of services, excellent presentation of boxes, selected from their best farms top quality mangoes, processed on hot water treatment plants, microbiological tests for ripeness is done and certified mangoes will only be supplied from this platforms.

Mango Season 2015 starts from 20th May and the authorities in Pakistan expect to export 150,000 tons of mangoes in the season – exported in following order:

Types of Mangoes export out of Pakistan:


- May to Mid July – Sindhri from Sindh Province

July to Sept – Chaunsa from Punjab Province

Wish you and healthy and sweetest mango season!

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