Pakistan Green Chilli

Agricorp Green Chilli – A trusted brand!

Agricorp brand proudly offers top quality fresh disease-free Fhsagrochili1 Hybrid and our regular capsicum annum and capsicum frutescens green chillies harvested in various parts of Pakistan. Our farms are properly fungicide for pest control.

Over the years H.S. Group Agricorp brand hand captured markets of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Maldives, London, Italy and some other European destinations.

Our Export quality packaging coupled with seaworthy and capable ofhsagricorpchillibox withstanding with export handling boxes add value to our green chillies. Pack of 2.5kg net, 3kg net and 3.5kg net and 4kg gross are getting popular in the Middle East.

Our Chillies best know for:

Flavour, heat, colour, consistency, decease and pest resistant.

Other verities of chiles are: Yellow Cayenne, Green Cayenne, Red Cayenne, Green ball, Red ball, JalapeƱo, Birdseye and Habanero.



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