Pakistani kinow season 2016-17 kicks off from Dec 1, 2016.

Mandarines full of citric nutrients, world over loved by millions have finally started from Dec 1, 2016 and shall continue till end of April 2017. Pakistan aims to export nearly 350,000 tons of kinow this season with a target to fetch $200 million of foreign exchange.

A gimps on Pakistani citrus vs Turkish, Egyptian, Israil and some other parts of the world.

Israil with very limited season sells at very high price making it only viable for the neighbouring countries. On the other hand, Egypt is among top growers of citrus but their variety always finds it tough and gets rejected in importing countries. Egyptian Elgebally variety arrived in some of the Middle Eastern countries but could not get clearance due to poor quality.

As opposed to last years ban, Turkey seems to produce 45% more than last year. If Russians continue to ban Turkish citrus, they will have to struggle to sell in other markets, sources fresh Plaza.

Good news for Pakistani citrus is Indonesia has lifted 2 months ban on import of Pakistani citrus and now instead of Feb 2017, export can start from Dec 2016 fetching additional foreign exchange and increasing expected export targets.

As Pakistan continues to to think as to where to sell small sizes of citrus, which, largely were being exported by Russia but due to their bad payment terms and huge losses, exporters seem reluctantly to openly ship citrus to Russia.

First vessel carrying Pakistani citrus has left for various destinations around the globe on Dec 1, 2016.