Mango Season 2015


Pakistan’s Mango season 2015 is about to begin. Government of Pakistan’s horticulture officials announced 20th May to be the first day when exporters can start export of the King of Fruits ‘Mangoes’

Epic of the year was as to whether Pakistan should ban export of mangoes in wooden cases or not. After long debate among exporters, associations and the officials of importing countries, it was agricorpdecided to ban export of Mangoes in wooded cases to Middle East, however, patented cargo under good brands would continue to export in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia in corrugated cartons.

With the European Union’s ban on mango export from India last season, Pakistani fruit & vegetable entity has done a lot in adopting advanced hot water treatment, as a result, number of new fully automated advanced hot water treatment plants have come up. H.S. Group under Agricorp brand has a capacity to process 8 containers of mangoes on daily basis.

H.S. Group intends to open Pakistani mango markets in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide in 2015. Our newly designed value-added mango boxes are attractive, strong durable in transporting and ensuring freshness of mangoes.

H.S. Agro being one of the largest growers, processors and exporters of farm fresh Sindhri, Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, Alphonso Mangoes from Pakistan, we invite our patrons to visit us and see the way we work.

Eat Fresh, Live fresh!

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