H.S. Group, Pakistan and Middle East are one of the leading growers, processors and exporters of farm fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and other frozen meat in the region.

We have an edge of providing excellent services to our valued customers by having our practical existence in nearly all continents. H.S. Group are know for its commitment, timely delivery and quality supply of the produce to your doorstep.

Hot Water Treatment Plant (Mango)

State of The Art most advanced (HWT) hot water treatment plant for hot dipping process of mangoes and other vegetables, fully automated for grading, washing, waxing and bacteria treatment. We capacity nearly 200 tons of mangoes per day.

Potato Washing

Our in-house potato washing unit enables us process 7 containers per day basis allowing us to export more than 1,500 tons per week and 6000 tons per month. We put in our every effort from seeding to harvesting of the crop, and from processing to reaching of the crop to end users, we ensure that every care is taken.

Once you deal with H.S. Group, you put yourself in complete peace of mind.

We welcome fruit and vegetable dealers from all parts of the world to join hands with H.S. Group and we will make your Onion & Potato business fruitful.

Live fresh, eat fresh!